June 10, 2024

External IT and Resource Mine Management: A Partnership for Excellence in North Brisbane


At External IT, we pride ourselves on building strong relationships with our clients, ensuring they have the best technological solutions to support their business operations. One such client is Resource Mine Management, a distinguished firm based in North Brisbane, specialising in providing comprehensive and sustainable resource management services.

Recently, Michael from External IT reached out to our valued clients, Stephen and Neva, at Resource Mine Management for a catch-up. Their beautiful and modern office space in Redcliffe truly reflects their commitment to professionalism and excellence.

Resource Mine Management focuses on offering top-notch services in environmental management, ensuring sustainable and efficient resource utilisation. Their expertise ranges from mine closure planning and environmental monitoring to rehabilitation and compliance with regulatory requirements. You can learn more about their extensive services on their website.

During the visit, Michael spent time understanding the specific challenges and requirements of Resource Mine Management. His goal was to ensure that our solutions continue to be perfectly tailored to enhance their operational efficiency and security.

By implementing a suite of advanced IT solutions, including Microsoft technologies, along with sophisticated email and cyber security measures, we have fortified Resource Mine Management’s IT infrastructure. This comprehensive approach has streamlined their processes, enhanced data protection, and allowed them to focus more on their core mission of sustainable resource management.

At External IT, we are honoured to support businesses like Resource Mine Management, helping them to thrive and achieve their goals through innovative and reliable IT solutions. We look forward to continuing our partnership and witnessing their continued success.