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Since 2012, we've provided stable IT environments through proactive, professional and proven solutions designed specifically around stability, security and flexibility. We have proven solutions whether based in house or in the cloud as our solutions can be implemented to whatever solution suits your company’s needs.


Affordable, proactive IT management and support to assist growing businesses. Utilising our cloud based management platform we deliver proactive services to keep your critical systems up and running.

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Optimal solutions for your business at both hardware and software layers. Combine with our Cloud and Managed Services solutions for a stable working platform for your business to grow.

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Leverage the power of the "cloud" to control your Network and Wifi Solutions over one or multiple access points from anywhere in the world while providing the same access and security permissions across the platform.

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No matter the size of your business, being able to access your data from any location and device provides you and your team with the flexibility and productivity needed in todays world. The Microsoft Platform which enables us to host your required infrastructure in the cloud while still enabling the usually security and reliability for our clients networks.

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Enable recovery in any situation when these products fail whether from environmental issues (cyclones, fire, flood etc) or failure in hardware or services.

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Are you looking for an alternative to the common onsite PBX and outdated office phone set ups? One that allows freedom and flexibility while reducing costs, create an office without boundaries with a hosted phone solution.

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Their IT solutions have enabled our business to grow knowing our IT systems are capable of growing with us.

Troy Johnston - Key Motors, Financial Controller

We are guaranteed the best possible service and quality outcomes and these are always delivered in a prompt and timely manner.

Bruce Cormack - Cormack & Company, Partner

The perfect fit for our company with high quality and efficient IT solutions. I would recommend their services to any business.

Andrew Steel - Steel Pacific Insurance Brokers, Director

The service is like nothing that we've experienced before and nothing seems to be beyond the capabilities of External IT.

Michelle Purcell - Ausdraulics Holdings - Director

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Our story.

We have been able to help businesses in the many industry types such as automotive, aged health care, construction, manufacturing, accounting and more. Some of our clients have been with Michael for over 10 years and continue to have a great relationship on a business and personal level.


With over 20+ years in the IT industry Michael started his career by securing a traineeship position for a local IT company in Bundaberg called D2K after purchasing his first computer. Four years later he became the Senior Technician consultant for the company where he provided technical and sales support for their clients. Finally after 7 years honing his skills with D2K a change was needed where he moved to Townsville to continue his career. After working for a few local IT companies in the Townsville region the opportunity arose to found External IT.


Michael has built External IT with a key core value in mind for his clients and staff - empowering people through technology, with people coming first. Whether it is through helping clients use technology to grow or improve their business, to having the privilege of working with fantastic and dedicated employees with the same core values, investing in people has always been a key to External IT - your internal IT support.


Another key area Michael has put his focus towards is using the best products and solutions available. Empowering people would not be possible by using just the industry standard or by cutting corners, which is why External IT has partnered with the likes of CISCO Meraki, HP, Microsoft and Datto to provide scalable and reliable solutions so you can focus on what matters the most, your business. 

Meet our team.

Meet some of our crew from the directors to technicians and some of the duties we perform day to day.


Michael Targett

Managing Director
As Director, Michael is responsible for company strategy, management and vision for the company. With over 20 years industry experience and a focus on customer service, Michael works tirelessly to ensure the team can help our clients businesses grow.

Kyle Taylor

Senior Network Technician
Kyle has been with External IT since 2015 and brings a level of professionalism and experience to his role. He oversees the IT help desk and is our senior network engineer for server upgrades and installations. His down to earth approach and ability to communicate with clients on their level has been a great asset for us.

Daniel White

Business Development Manager
Our newest member to the team, Dan joins us from a long career in the automotive industry bringing a strong focus on customer service. He is responsible for client reviews , new acquisitions as well as running our marketing department.

Nikki Targett

Administration & Accounts Officer
Nikki is responsible for our day to day administration and accounts officer, ensuring that the rest of the team can focus on helping clients.

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What is Two Factor Authentication?

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