Business Phone Solutions

Business Phone Solutions

Selecting the right business phone system is a critical decision which requires careful consideration.

At External IT, we offer an all-inclusive Unified Communications Solution that will revolutionize your communication channels. Our cloud-based platform combines voice, digital interactions, and industry-leading integrations into one intuitive platform.

With this platform, you can manage call flows, activate call routing, and have access to many more features that’ll help you deliver the best customer experience. You will be able to streamline inbound calls, collaborate in real-time using MS Teams or Cisco Webex, and gain useful call insights by integrating with your CRM.

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Future-proof your business Internet with high-speed fibre and nbn Enterprise Ethernet


In today’s fast-paced business environment, communication technologies are constantly evolving. At External IT, we understand the importance of having a fast, adaptable, and scalable solution that can easily meet future business connectivity requirements.


That’s why we recommend fibre optics, the fastest connection medium available, which is ideal for powering cloud services, CRM software, business email, voice, video, and any other end-user business internet services.


Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, External IT has an NBN plan to suit your needs. Find out more and get in touch today.

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Other Services we offer

Managed IT Services

IT Managed Services

As our motto suggests, ‘your own internal IT Support’. Our Managed IT services solution, 'Enhanced', provides access to affordable, proactive IT management and support to all businesses at a fixed cost.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Cyber Security remains the focus of our clients as we continue to follow the advice of the Australian Government and implement recognised industry solutions such as the Essential 8, NIST Framework & CIS Security Controls. Essentially, we make sure your business is safe in cyberspace.

Network and Connectivity

Network Solutions

The backbone of all Business IT. A dependable, scalable network with a secure next generation Firewall, a managed switch or 2 and a reliable Wi-Fi Solution. All based off a scalable, reliable, and redundant Internet connection.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions

External IT’s Cloud solutions enable our clients to host their data or servers in an offsite location, enabling greater flexibility while reducing IT Infrastructure costs.


BackUp Solutions

What happens when all else fails? It is one of those questions that keeps business owners up at night. Are my backups working? Can I recover my data? What’s my downtime? and how does this impact my business? With our backup solutions, you won’t have to worry.